Enrollment Information


Enrollment for next year is NOT automatic. If your child is eligible to continue at St. Luke Preschool, he or she has priority to enroll January 22, 2019. Enrollment for the general public begins February 1, 2019.


A child must turn the age of the class in which they are enrolling by August 31st of the school year so that their progress is in accordance with admittance requirements for public school.


St. Luke Preschool tuition is divided into 9 monthly payments, August through April (Your August payment includes both August and May). Payments are due by the 5th of each month, and will be considered late after the 5th of the month, at which time a $25 late charge will be assessed. Please make checks payable to St. Luke Preschool.


If a child begins school after the month of August, May tuition is due.


Families with multiple children attending St. Luke Preschool receive a 10% discount for all children after the first child enrolled. 

Tuition Rates for 2019-2020

Preschool Hours 8:30-12:30

One Year Olds


      Two Days      $165

      Three Days   $243

Two Year Olds

      Two Day        $146

      Three Days   $217

      Five Days      $363

Three & Four Year Olds

      Two Day        $145

      Three Days   $206

      Five Days      $336

Madge Oldham Scholarship

St. Luke Preschool offers a scholarship program for long or short term use, which is funded by donations and fundraisers. This scholarship is in honor of our school’s beloved teacher of 4-year-olds, Madge Oldham. For more information, please contact our director.

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